Ed Sheeran Is Going To Guest Star On Your Fave TV Show!

Ed Sheeran has been killing the game lately, with his new album Divide, to the announcement that he’s going to create a boy band, and now he’s going to add something else to his never ending list of achievements. He’s going to be a guest star in the next season of Game Of Thrones!

The announcement came from season creator David Benioff, who has said that the crew have been trying for years to get Ed on the show, in order to surprise Maisie Williams, a huge Ed Sheeran fan! Would that NOT be one of the best surprises of all time?! We’d actually die if that was us; like, imagine just walking into school one day, going to your regular seat, but instead of it being empty and waiting for you, Ed Sheeran is sitting there. #DEAD

The Internet had various opinions on the matter, we could even say their opinions were ~divided~ as they reacted on Twitter, posting these tweets:

We can’t imagine anyone hating on Ed Sheeran, but apparently some of these people do?

Regardless, we’re so excited to see Ed on the show. We hope he actually gets to stay around on the show, for more than a few minutes, because seeing him have lines, and doing things on the show would be pretty incredible!

So what do you think? Are you excited for Ed’s appearance on Game Of Thrones? Dreading it? Let us know!