Ed Sheeran Is In Love With The Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran released his new music video for Shape Of You and we are ~shook~!

We love it just as much as we loved Castle On The Hill, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Ed! The music video features Ed in a relationship with a woman (played by Jennie Pegouski), and shows us all the cute romantic scenes of their dates. We also get to see shirtless Ed Sheeran!! So much for “And I’m not a singer that you ever wanna see shirtless," talk about character development!

The video also features tonnes of boxing and sport *can we just say his costar looks amazing, we’re totally jealous!*, and even features sumo wrestling! The music video is heaps lit, and we’re proud of Ed!

If you want to see the music video, you can do so here:

We’re loving Ed’s new music videos lately, we 100% approve! If he keeps going like this, we won’t be able to even ever again!

So what do you think? Do you love the music video? Hate it? Expecting something different? Let us know!