Ed Sheeran Releases The Track List For His New Album!

Honestly, where would we be without Ed Sheeran?! As if he hasn’t already blessed us with two masterpieces, he’s now granted us the privilege of seeing the track list for his upcoming album! We all collectively lost our minds when he released Shape Of You and Castle On A Hill, and now we’re going to be literally dying when we hear the rest of these masterpieces!

Ed Sheeran has already got our lives on ~track~ with this one!

You can view the track list here:

The fans have also been losing their minds, judging by these tweets:

So it’s safe to say that this album will be more lit than the stadiums Ed will be performing at, and we are SO ready for what’s coming!

So what do you think?! Are you also shook?! Are you as keen as we are?! Let us know!