Election Day Is Finally Here!

All over America right now, millions of people are lining up to cast their vote. People all over the world are biting their nails, eyes glued to the TV screen, as they wait to find out who will be the USA's next president.

Will it be Hillary Clinton or Lord Vol-? Uhhh Donald Trump! Every vote counts, so if you live in America, and you’re eligible to vote, please do! We know, we know, “But outside is scary!”, “Ew, people!”, but this is to save the world! Your one vote could literally change the course of history!

Some of our favourite YouTubers have shown their support for Election Day, encouraging people to vote. Here are just some of them!

And if you need any more incentive to vote, check out this ~ADORABLE~ video of Tyler Oakley with Clinton!

Who will you be voting for? Hillary or the other one?