Elijah & Christine Are 'Closer' Than Ever!

The hilarious duo of Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko have always managed to crack up literally everybody.

From Christine looking like a Disney ride, to Elijah getting a ... well, a unique tattoo of Donald Trump, these two are simply the best. And today, they joined forces and created a music video called ... Bing Bong!

The actual song Bing Bong has some cutting edge lyrics, heartbreaking lines and intelligent rhymes that has us in tears!

If you’d like to watch it (oh, and make sure you have tissues) you can watch the masterpiece here:

Weren’t we right?! How deeply moved are you?! We loved it! And, clearly The Chainsmokers agreed, because they replied swiftly to the video:

We love this video, and we hope that they do more, because that one is hilarious! What do you think? Did you love the video? Hate it? Let us know!