Elmo Really Wants To Meet Adele During Her Trip To Australia!

Elmo really wants to hang out with Adele while they’re both in Australia (... tbh don’t we all?) 

While Elmo is in Australia, promoting Sesame Street’s 47th year on air, the legendary puppet has publicly reached out to Adele with a series of tweets, hoping they’d hang out.

While Adele has yet to respond to Elmo’s request to hang out, we actually kinda really want this to happen. Could you imagine?! Two of our faves hanging out, making something hilarious?! Although let’s hope that if they do hang out, Adele manages not to swear! We don’t think many of the parents will approve of Adele swearing on a kid’s show.

It looks like the world definitely approves of Elmo’s bid to hang out with Adele, one user even creating the hashtag and ship name #Adelmo!

Let’s hope this really does happen ASAP! Because while Adele and Elmo are slaying literally everyone and everything, they won’t be in Australia for that much longer! It’ll probably be one of the best things to ever come from Australia, tbh. We’re so ready for this collab, and the rest of the world clearly agrees with us. C’mon Adele, say Hello to your little friend Elmo and make everyone’s dreams come true!

So what do you think? Are you excited for their collab? Do you hope Adele responds as soon as possible? Let us know!