Exciting News For Riverdale Fans!

Riverdale is a new show based on the Archie Comics, it’s a mystery, it’s intense, it’s romantic, relatable and literally the perfect show. Everyone loves it! While we sit here impatiently waiting for the next episode, we have just been informed of whether or not Riverdale will return for a second season, and the answer is…

We’re so excited to watch the second season! Hopefully they’ll release the episodes in one go this time, rather than making us wait every week! Seriously, we’re not patient enough to wait so long for new episodes. Can they just give an early Easter present and present us with the rest of the season?! Please and thank you!

Here are some of the cast’s reaction to the show returning for a season 2:

We love when a show’s actors/actresses are just as passionate about a show as we are, it’s like they’re fangirling with us, but they know what’s gonna happen next anyway. We’re so excited for more Riverdale

So what do you think? Do you watch Riverdale? Are you excited for the new season? Excited for the rest of this season? Let us know!