Five Ways To Get Your Parents To Say 'Yes' More Often

Your fave just announced a tour, and you're just waiting for them to announce specific dates. Your parents are always saying no, and it's the worst! So how do you get them to say yes? Easy! Here are five ways to get your parents to start saying yes (... and maybe even let you get tickets to see your idol!)

Be Polite
Let's be real- your parents won't want to say yes if you're always arguing or talking back! So when they ask you to do something, just do it! Even if it's unfair because they never ask your siblings to do anything, just think about the sweet moment you'll see the love of your life!

Study Harder
Some parents use the excuse that you're not doing too well at school to 'waste' your time going to a concert. So if they see you're trying harder, and doing better, they might be more keen to say yes! Plus, getting good marks is the best feeling. It's a win-win situation!

Do That Thing They've Been Nagging You About
Think about it, what's something that makes your parents complain about you? "She never does this!" "I wish she'd do that more," start trying to do more of that, and see how they react. Maybe they want you to clean your room more often, or vacuum once in a while. So imagine the look on their faces when they come home from work and see your room's been cleaned, or all the vacuuming's been done! You'll get bonus points for sure!

Tell Them How Much You Love Your Fave
Let them know how much this person means to you, tell them how much it would mean to you if this person came to your country. You want them to know you genuinely care about the person, and this isn't a spur of the moment thing. Your parents love you, and they want you to be happy. So if you prove to them that going to this concert will make you happy, they might be more inclined to say yes!

Get a Job
Once you start getting money, your parents will be impressed at how much more independent you've become, and how much you've been growing. Plus, if you already have the money, they wouldn't have to pay for it. Having a job will also be good for when you want to buy merch. Nothing is worse than showing up to a concert with no money for merch ... that tour shirt is to die for!