From Working At McDonald's To Touring Australia, Vlado Is Ready To Take On The World!

6 months on, we haven’t heard much from the 2016 X-Factor Alumni who fell victim to the shows demising ratings. However, 17-year-old heart-throb Vlado Saric had no intention of becoming a statistic. 

After spending the past few months touring around the country and performing to sell-out audiences with leading Australian acts In Stereo & Mashd N Kutcher plus spending endless nights in the studio, Vlado has grown to discover exactly who he is as an artist & is now ready to take on the world!

We sat down with the Australian musician who answered all your hard-hitting questions! Was yours answered?

Q: How do you feel about how far you’ve progressed in the last year? (@Kurtsdogn)
V: I feel like everything has dramatically changed over time. I used to work at McDonald’s, which isn’t the most top-end kind of job. I was struggling with money and then I gave X-Factor a go and I didn’t know I was going to make it that far. Everything has changed dramatically for me. From having a Maccas job to being a musician.  

Q: What made you change your look? Loving it tho. (@itszainabbbbbb) 
V: Thank you! I feel like I had to put forward what I am and who I am. I feel like I wasn’t really getting that across, so a makeover was the best way to show people who I am as a person and who I am as a musician. I feel like the person I was portrayed as on the X-Factor wasn’t me at all. I feel like they tried to push me as what they thought a 17 year old should be like.  But I just want to show everyone what an actual 17 year old is like.


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Q: Where’d the inspo for your new tattoo come from? (@tiahnabbbott) 
V: My mum had a lot to do with it. Mum’s super into Indian type things, so when I showed her she thought it was really cool. It’s kind of a tattoo to represent my first tour. So that’s what it means to me. For memories, I guess.

Q: What was your favourite thing about touring with in stereo? (@kaiayoung)
V: It’d have to be meeting their fans and seeing how they react to my music. The first time was a year ago or two and their reaction was just crazy. It was so overwhelming, but I loved it.

Lets get busy 💯🤘🏽

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Q: What’s your most recent single, Sleeping With The Enemy, about? What inspired you to write it? (@Triple_A_o4)
V: I feel like it has a lot to do with being a teenager. I really just wanted to write something that meant something to people and to me personally. Take Two were awesome to work with, too!

Q: Will you have an album out soon? Love u (@MARKFTJACOB)
V: Love you too! We’ll see how things go – see how this tour goes – maybe something will come along after!

Q: Are you looking forward to your Australian tour coming up in less than a month? (@Kurtsdogn)
V: Of course!

❤️ love ya 🖕🏽

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Q: What do you love about meeting your fans? (@kaiayoung)
V: The reaction I get and getting to know people personally. I don’t want to meet them for 5 seconds and be like ‘here’s a selfie, that’s it’. I want to get to know my fans on a personal level. Some of them seem surprised when they realise I’m down to earth. I like it though – that’s really who I am!

I always have this argument with my Mum… Because she puts it in the cupboard, but I prefer it in the fridge. I don’t like warm sauce, are you kidding?

Vlado will be touring Australia in June & July for his Vlado Up Close & Personal Tour! Tickets are now available, and are limited to 50 per show. For more information, dates, and to purchase tickets head over to!

Tickets are live now including a second and final Melbourne show!

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