Gabbie Hanna Physically Assaulted By RiceGum

The Internet has been in overdrive for the past few hours after Gabbie Hanna's (The Gabbie Show) shocking allegations that fellow YouTuber, RiceGum, physically assaulted her, and shattered her phone. 

RiceGum is known for roasting online personalities - such as Gabbie - with the intention of exposing influencers who have received million of views on YouTube for reasons he questions. From roasting Gabbie's appearance to questioning her career choices, RiceGum has made it clear that he is not a fan. But, has he gone too far? 

In Gabbie's latest Snapchat, she is seen joking around with RiceGum in a non-offensive, fun-loving way. However, it does not end well. RiceGum was allegedly offended by the joke and consequently hit the 26-year-old YouTuber, shattering her phone. In a number of snaps, Gabbie exposes her bruises from the attack, demonstrating the intensity of the incident. 

Watch the footage here: 

Gabbie has since released an official video explaining the situation. 

Following the release of this video, RiceGum has spoken against Gabbie's allegations, tweeting the following:

YouTuber/Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste was an eyewitness to the incident, and reported the following:

The Internet was - understandably - disgusted by RiceGum's behaviour with many admitting to boycotting the controversial YouTuber. Fellow YouTubers have stood up for Gabbie, showing their solidarity with the successful influencer. 

We applaud Gabbie for speaking out about such a raw and emotional situation, and wish her a speedy recovery. Any form of assault is unacceptable irregardless of one's social influence and gender.