Five Gifts That Tyler Oakley Would Absolutely DIE For

We love Tyler Oakley, so naturally, we’d be down to get our fave a great gift that he’d absolutely love! While we’re not best friends with Tyler, we feel like we know the things he loves the most just by watching his YouTube videos. So here’s a list of gifts that we think Tyler would 100% adore!

1. An “I Heart Ranch Dressing” Mug

Tyler has always been extremely vocal about his love for ranch dressing, so what better gift to get him than a mug that shows exactly how he feels about ranch dressing? 

2.     This Pickle Shirt

What does Tyler love just as much as he loves ranch dressing? Pickles, duh! He’ll love wearing this shirt when he’s out and about, and who knows? Maybe some day you’ll meet him and he’ll be wearing that shirt! Even though it’s pricey AF, we know he’d cherish it forever and ever!

3.     Fireman Calendar

We know that Tyler is thirsty, so we think it might help to quench that thirst by blessing his eyes with muscular firemen! We’re not sure if he already has one, but we’d be more than happy to supply him with a new calendar for 2017! Not gonna lie, we’ll buy one for ourselves too, cause have you SEEN those firemen!?
*insert all of the heart eye emojis*

4.     Cute Camp Gear

Tyler is going on camp next year, so he’d definitely appreciate some new camping stuff! I mean, what better way to show his appreciation for his fans than to use the stuff the fans have bought him?

5.     Niall Horan Or Harry Styles

We know that Niall and Harry are Tyler’s favourite members of 1D. Get him either of these boys, and he’ll love you forever! Except … we’re pretty sure if you managed to acquire either of them, you wouldn’t be giving them up so easily. Even though we know men aren’t just objects for us to share around but hey, a fan can dream, right?