Gordon Ramsay Has Decided To RamSLAY

We know that Gordon Ramsay is savage on TV, in fact, his lines have become so vicious that he’s become a meme! Usually, the only people who got the full force of his rage, fury and clapbacks were the people who dared step foot on his show. But now that’s all changed! It’s now become a trend to send Gordon a picture of your food and for him to rate it. The tweets he’s been sending are hilarious! He might be sassy on TV, but he’s even sassier online! Check out some of his tweets:

And that’s only five tweets! Gordon’s Twitter account is full of clapbacks! We’re laughing at literally all of his tweets, he’s a genius! Tbh, we don’t wanna miss any of his tweets
**puts him on notifications**

Although having him on notifications might ruin our productivity if we’re just constantly laughing; but let’s be real, we were probably on YouTube anyway!

What do you think? Have you been following him on Twitter? Have you been tweeting him, hoping you’d get a bit of sass? Will you be tweeting him? Let us know!