Halsey Has Announced The Title And Release Date Of Her New Album!

When Halsey released her first album, Badlands, we all lost our collective chill. We cried as we listened to each track, and when she came to our city, we all screamed the lyrics with a passion. But that was ages ago, we haven’t been blessed with a new Halsey album since 2015, and we ~need~ new music. Well, Halsey’s about to change that, after finally announcing the title of her new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom! And it comes out in June!

We are so ready for a new Halsey album, after releasing bops like Closer and Not Afraid Anymore, we are preparing our bodies for a new album that will 100% most definitely be a masterpiece. We don’t know much about the album, but what we do know is that it will most definitely be 100% lit! Halsey made the announcement today over Twitter, with this wonderful glorious tweet:

Do you ~see~ that picture?! Do you see how amazing she looks?! Are you shook?! Because same! Halsey has confirmed that that photo is not the album cover, but ~has~ said that when she does, she’ll make us go and find it. Does this mean we’ll be going on a scavenger hunt?!

Literally us when she gives us clues:

So what do you think? Are you excited for Halsey’s album? Dreading it? Let us know!