Happy Birthday Calum: Our Fave Things About Calum Hood!

It’s officially Calum Hood’s birthday! He officially turns 21 today, and we’re so proud of him and all his achievements in the past 20 years! From touring the world with the rest of his band mates, to writing an iconic poem about a turtle.

To celebrate, here are our favourite things about Calum!

His Smile

Calum could actually light up an entire room with one smile, and every time he does, we swoon!

His Incredible Music Talent

Calum absolutely SLAYS at his bass guitar, and he’s always so passionate about it too! You can see the love he has for the music, and we love it too!

His Voice

To add even more to his repertoire, Calum is also an amazing singer. We could listen to him sing all day! Literally listen to any 5sos song that features his vocals, and you'll be slain.

His Kindness

Calum is literally tome of the nicest guys ever, and everyone who’s gotten to speak to him would be able to tell you that! Calum is always kind (unless he feels the need to sass somebody), and that’s something we admire about him!

His Sass

Calum is one of the sassiest people we've ever come across! Literally, when the time comes, Calum is NOT afraid to give it to somebody! We wouldn't want to get into an argument with him, he’d sass us into oblivion!

And that’s our favourite things about Calum! Of course, there are more, but if we listed ~everything~, we’d be typing until our last 5 seconds of summer!

What do you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know!