Harry Styles Makes A Four-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Dream Come True

Harry Styles has just proved to us that he is much more than his good looks and talent. Not only did he donate his long ~luscious~ hair to the Little Princess Trust, a company that provides wigs and hair pieces for children who suffer hair loss due to cancer treatment, be he's now made a 4-year-old cancer patient's dream come true by FaceTiming her.

Jessica Whelan has been fighting stage four Neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer of the nervous system, for a year. Last month, doctors told her parents that she may only have a matter of weeks to live as the cancer had continued to progress. 

According to 2BR News, Jessica's family friend Chelsea Conlon contacted Harry's manager with the hope of setting up a meeting between the One Direction lad and the four-year-old fan. 

And it worked! This week Jessica's dad got a phone call from an unknown number, and let the world know on Facebook! 
*Warning: have tissues ready*

Chelsea spoke to 2BR News saying, "I was looking at doing something different. I asked Jessica's mum if there was anyone she likes or an idol. And the response was Harry Styles. Treatment looked good, she was responding to it, but then there was a massive U-turn. She's deteriorated quite bad with the growth of the tumours."

We're sending all our love Jessica's (and her family's) way! 

To donate to Jessica's fundraising campaign, click here