Has Simon Cowell Banned Niall Horan From Performing On X Factor?

Simon Cowell has made it ~pretty~ clear that he's not particularly happy about Niall Horan signing a solo record deal with another label, but has he banned the One Direction singer from performing on X Factor?

Over the past few days, there have been reports that Simon had refused Niall from performing his debut solo hit 'This Town' on the show. However, despite the X Factor host admitting that Niall would've got a number one hit if he'd stayed with SyCo, Simon has revealed that there's no truth to this at all. 

A source has revealed to The Sun that "Simon really thought the 1D boys would show loyalty after he mentored them on the show and made them the huge global success they are. Instead, they went behind his back." 

"He's not going to be doing them any favours. He knows artists love performing on the show as there are eight million viewers to promote their songs to."

"The song's already going down the chart," the source added. "Simon doesn't feel he's missing out."

Thankfully, Simon took to Twitter to shut down all these rumours.

Does this mean we might see a wild Niall during the X Factor's grand final? *fingers crossed*