Heartbreaking News For Katie Snooks

We are sending big hugs to Katie Snooks this week! On Sunday she posted a video titled “We Broke Up” and we wish we could say it was clickbait, but sadly Katie and her fiance Andrew have separated and called off their wedding which was due to be in June. The two had been together for four years, and had done many boyfriend / girlfriend tags and challenges on Katie’s channel.

“Even though it was partly my decision, I am still very heartbroken ... I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down.”

In the video Katie assures her viewers that there are no hard feelings and no nastiness that caused the break up; it was a mutual decision made for the best of both of them.

The beauty vlogger also touches on the dangers of social media and how we should all be careful not to obsess over couples because not everything is #relationshipgoals behinds the scenes.

Thankfully she has been flooded with super kind and supportive messages in the comments and has posted some positive 'grams since the video, so we’re pretty sure she’s on the mend!

We hope both are feeling better soon and that there will be bright and happy things for the future for them!