Here's What You Missed At The 2017 Golden Globes

The 74th Golden Globe Awards was filled with amazing people receiving amazing awards, and if we’re honest, it was the most incredible show. We’re so proud of our faves for winning the awards, and we can’t wait to binge watch some of the shows they mentioned! 

One part of the show that had us more shook than Donald Trump at a feminist rally was Meryl Streep’s speech. Literally one of the best parts of the show; Meryl showed us what being a queen was truly about!

In her speech, she managed to drag Donald Trump to filth; talking about how his monstrosity is ~actual~ real life, and how he genuinely made fun of a disabled journalist. She then told us that we should fight for the rights of journalists everywhere, so that we have the right to know the truth and that they have the right to tell us the truth! She then ended her speech with a beautiful quote from her dear friend, Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart, and make it into art”.    

See?! What an actual queen! This is why we love Meryl Streep!

Speaking of Carrie Fisher; the Golden Globes also honoured her and her mother during the ceremony; showing a gorgeous montage of both mother and daughter in their iconic roles over the years, and making us miss the two of them even more than we already do. We’re just glad that the two of them are now together again, and mother and daughter can be happy together.

One of the most dominating pieces of work at the Golden Globes was La La Land! Starring our queen, Emma Stone and our bae, Ryan Gosling! It literally only just came out but it won more awards than the smart kids in your class put together!

*we literally think that the other actors were us on school presentation night*

Did you watch the Golden Globes!? Did you enjoy it!? Were you happy? Disappointed? Let us know!