Internet Friends Forever

Did you know that Internet friends are real? I know, right? Sounds like a myth to me. Who knew people could become closer to people they have never met before than people they see every day? Seems pretty unlikely … how can you tell if they’re real or not?

But seriously, I never thought I’d end up saying my closest friend is a person who I’ve never met before. Her name is Maiya and she is my twin - I’m only slightly exaggerating in saying that because we have the same opinions on ~everything~. 

Maiya and I have only been talking for roughly three months but somehow we know everything about each other. I feel like I’ve known her my whole life, and now I can’t imagine my life without her. Our conversations started off as “Hey lovely! I know you’re about to wake up, I hope you have a great day!” and gradually turned into hours of constant texting. Time zones make chatting difficult, but we’ve found our way around it. 

Do you have that one Internet friend that you would love to see every day? One that you can confide in? If you do, you’re probably familiar with the loneliness you feel when you miss them more than anything, even though you’ve never met them. Or how silly you feel when you want to set your lock screen as a photo of the two of you ... but then you remember you’ve never met and the only photos of you are screenshots from Skype. 

The most annoying thing about having Internet friends is explaining the situation to your parents. “Yes mum, I know they’re real… my friend has met someone who goes to school with my Internet friend … We have FaceTimed … Her parents want to talk to you … Yeah, I won’t go to meet her alone … I know I should be more cautious when making friends on the Internet but I promise she’s real … No, I’m not going to die,” and so on and so forth. 

Yes, there are a lot of frustrating things about having Internet friends: you have to deal with time zones, missing them, and not knowing whether you’ll ever meet them; but when you do, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

A great thing about Internet friends is that you stumble across their existence at completely unexpected times. You become so close and connected to this person on the other side of the world that you couldn’t imagine your life without them – even though they’re technically not in your day-to-day life. 

The Internet has given people the opportunity to express their thoughts and feel comfortable in their own skin – even if they express their feelings through memes.