It Has Officially Been Seven Years Since 'Baby'!

Seven years ago, Justin Bieber released a song that became the jam of millions of teenage girls, boys and adults. It's that one song you couldn’t go a day without hearing on the radio. That song was ... yep, you guessed it, Baby by Justin Bieber! That song was a bop back then, and it’s a bop right now! Even though he has a lot more songs seven years later, who could forget this original anthem for heartbreak?

With the ridiculously high view count, and the insistence by many haters that he is “a girl” and “gay” (umm, homophobic and sexist much?), it’s one of the most viewed videos on YouTube EVER, and we can definitely imagine why! If you want to relive some memories, you can watch the music video here:

Doesn’t that bring back so many memories?! We got all caught up in our feels because we’re so proud of him! To celebrate 7 years since Baby, Beliebers ~all around the world~ have been tweeting #7YearsSinceBaby, and this is what they had to say!

**puts Baby on repeat**

What do you think? Are you happy about it being seven years? Emotional? Do you love the song? Hate it? Let us know!