It’s Officially #BackToSchool!

Yep, today, people all around Australia are starting school again!

That means; waking up early, doing homework, and dealing with people at school.

Even though you might be nervous, or dreading the school year, there are some positives to look forward to! Like learning new things and making new friends! You never know- something amazing could happen this year! Not to mention, you’re definitely not alone in this, I mean, our bae Chris from In Stereo clearly isn’t looking forward to school either:

But who knows? Maybe this year at school, you’ll meet your new loml, or you’ll make a new bff? 

And if all else fails, just remember; the sooner you go back to school, the sooner you get to finish school! If you’re going back to school today, we hope you have/had a great day, and if not, then we hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!