It's Time To Talk About School ...

Everyone at some point in their lifetime repeatedly questions the point in attending school. Why are we required to spend hours upon hours of our childhood stuck in a classroom full of people we most likely dislike anyway? Why do we have to give up seven hours of our day on school only to go home and give up a few more hours on homework? The school system is getting stricter and tougher and there don't seem to be many signs of improvement in the near future. 

Let's focus on the positives of schools, shall we? Going to school from a young age gives us the ability to socialise and gain confidence while speaking and expressing our own opinions. Being educated and charismatic means we can help the world with anything from climate change to politics and help people who have bee unable to receive an education themselves.

But do we do these things? The answer is most likely, no. Millions of people are taught about climate change, politics and poverty at school but do nothing to help change the way the world is going. Not only do people take education for granted, but also plenty of people drop out due to the stress, which they don't see as necessary. Not only do we have dropouts, but we also have people who are unable to gain access to any types of schooling because of their gender or country.

Students are told from a very young age that education is necessary to survive in the "real world." This is true to some extent, but students shouldn't have to endure the hopelessly long hours and endless stream of homework when if every class was structured properly, there would be minimal stress and more time to participate in activities or helping with protecting the environment! 

Of course this is easier said than done. Structuring each class would require teachers planning and giving up time outside of school to help take the pressure off their students, resulting in more pressure on them, which would require higher pay and plenty of other arrangements.

In Finland, however, it is not allowed for teachers to give students homework and students only attend school for five hours a day (at the most!). Finland also has the best academic results in the world, so maybe Australia could follow in their footsteps – I know thousands of students would love to have hours of less stress every day, wouldn’t you?