Jake Boys And Emily Canham Have Broken Up!

If you shipped Jemily, you might want to look away now. Sadly the pair confirmed on Sunday via Instagram that they are no longer together!

We are super sad for the two, after dating for two and a half years they had made plans to move into a house in London with their new puppy Cody.

After not seeing the Vloggers together in any videos, Snapchat's or Instagram's since December, we all had our suspicions but all was sadly confirmed on Sunday night when Emily and Jake both posted a blank white image on Instagram explaining everything in the caption, and what Jake wrote will just break your heart.

Hey guys, So over the last few weeks you guys have had a lot of unanswered questions about myself and Emily… We have both took our time before we come out and say anything because as you can imagine this is a very hard time for us. As a lot of you may know over the last few months we haven’t been spending much time together. We spent months home hunting trying to find the perfect place for us and Cody to live and just be happy but in the end the happiness just was so hard to find. The last 2 and a half years for me have been incredible. Ive traveled the world and made some of the most amazing memories that I will never forget… And I was lucky enough to do all of this with my Bestfriend. When I met Emily she was a shy, beautiful girl and I just wanted to throw a smile on her face everyday. The time we have spent together has been incredible and i wouldn’t change it for the world because some of the memories will live on forever. Im incredibly proud of little Eminem watching her grow and become the person she is today has been incredible… You see the thing is myself and Emily are totally different people. Yes, we get along and we have the most amazing time together. But we’re different people and we want different things in life and we have decided that that is what we’re going to do. I hate saying it, it breaks my heart saying it because its such a HUGE decision for the both of us. But we have decided that “ Jemily “ and our relationship does need to come to and end for the both of us to be truly happy. I don’t want anyone to think that myself and Emily are breaking up for a certain reason… SHES THE MOST INCREDIBLE PERSON IN THE WORLD! Im always gonna be her number 1 fan… We have decided this is for the best so we can both work on ourselves and be happy! Im sorry to anyone that feels let down by our decision because honestly this is the hardest thing in the world to do even if we didn’t have an online relationship… So Im asking if you could please all support myself and Emily just the same and give us some time to get back to our normal selves! I just wanted to be honest with you all and this decision is for the best Jake x

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All photos of the two have been deleted off Emily’s Instagram and most of their videos have now been put on private, however Jake has still kept a lot up so if you need to cry it out, here’s one of the best.

Even though the news is very sad, we know they’ll be feeling happier soon!