Jalissa Is Officially Dead. But Was It Ever Alive?

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet were in a very public relationship, consisting of videos together and their own ship name; Jalissa! But now, many of the morbid details of their relationship has emerged. Alissa posted on Snapchat that Jake had kicked her out of their house and changed the lock, adding that Jake had been treating her “like absolute s**t for a while now” and that she’s very excited to leave. In the snaps, she seemed calm and collected.

Jake then decided to respond with this video: 

In the video, Jake claimed he’s the reason she went from 2000 followers to 6 million followers on social media. He also said that the girl in the video was Alissa’s best friend; well, so much for best friend if you’re willingly on camera insulting your “best friend”. Alissa had a say in this matter, posting this tweet:

Alissa also went on to say that Jalissa was never actually real at all, and that the whole thing was a terrible relationship. Writing out an emotional note where she describes his cheating habits, and his emotional abuse that he put her through. You can read the entire note here:

Isn’t it interesting that he said that he took her from 2000 followers to 6 million followers, and then she said that he said she wouldn’t be anything without him? Kinda adds up, right?

We hope Alissa is okay after being kicked out, and we hope she has a place to stay tonight. Sending her all our love! Relationships like that are terrible, no one deserves to have go through that. You deserve better than someone who continuously brings you down, tells you they love you and then tells you that you wouldn’t be anything without them.

So what do you think of this whole ordeal? Let us know!