James Charles (Covergirl’s first Cover Boy) Tweeted Something Super Ignorant

When James Charles was first announced as Covergirl’s first Cover Boy, it was a pretty big deal. Covergirl had made such a big step forward in equality, helping the world realise that make up isn’t just for women, and that men can wear it too! But while all that is still an amazing move from CoverGirl, James tweeted something that was extremely ignorant:

Aside from the fact that Ebola has not been present in Africa for over a year now, the disease didn’t affect Africa in its entirety! Africa as a whole has done great things; for example, Kenya has had many technological breakthroughs (like being able to transfer money by phone), some coffee from Kenya is used in Starbucks coffees, and Nigeria is also used for trade.

James eventually apologised for the tweet, posting this:

It’s good that he’ll still be going to Africa though, because now he’ll get to learn about the continent! We’re glad he gave a genuine apology, and not something that his people told him to say.
We can all learn new things here and there, and hopefully when he gets back, all of his friends would start:

So what do you think? Did you think the apology was sincere? Do you think he’ll be realising stuff while he’s there? Let us know!

Oh, and before we go, we can’t talk about Africa without using this iconic GIF:

OMG Karen, you can't just ask someone why they're white!