Jc Caylen Just Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed And It’s Hilarious!

When you get your wisdom teeth removed, they heavily medicate you, so you’re high for a while after you’ve had them removed. Many videos on the Internet have shown people who’ve just gotten their wisdom teeth removed, while others were filming them. It’s so funny!

Jc Caylen has decided to join the list of people who’ve recorded themselves post-wisdom teeth removal, and it’s amazing! Some of the things he says will make you think “WTF?” while the rest of it will just crack you up, sometimes you think wtf and laugh anyway! If you wanna see Jc being higher than our grades, you can do so here:

Let’s be real, that video is new levels of hilarious, we’re so happy that they did that! We think it’s one of their best videos yet! We’re shook! We’ll definitely be re-watching this one!

What do you think? Do you love the video? Hate it? Let us know!