J.K. Rowling Is Slaying Even More Than Usual!

Amongst the news of the #MuslimBan, and all the protests surrounding it, people have found one tweet posted by Vice President Mike Pence from 2015 where he condemns Trump’s views on banning Muslims. 

What we love about this is that everyone has been calling him out on it, ~including~ the queen herself, J.K. Rowling! Rowling had no time for Pence’s hypocrisy, and tweeted at him a Bible verse! Shutting him down ASAP like the true queen she is!


Rowling has repeatedly shut down trolls, making hilarious comments in response to angry anonymous tweeters, and they’re hilarious! Such examples include:

She’s hilarious!

We hope we grow up to become like J.K. Rowling when we’re her age, because if we’re half as sassy, fabulous and intelligent as her, then we’d be extremely proud of ourselves!

So what do you think? Do you love Rowling’s tweets? Thought they were unnecessary? Let us know!