Joe Sugg Will Be Releasing A New Book!

Joe Sugg’s books have been doing pretty well, after having released two of them, and now he’s onto a third one!

Username: Uprising will be the third and final instalment of the Username trilogy, and it comes out on September 21! It’s gonna be lit, we’re excited for it! What we’re not excited for is having to wait all the way 'til September to get to read the book!

Joe's describes the storyline as “intense”, with a “big ending” that literally none of us are prepared for!
If you’d like to see Joe announcing the new book, you can do so here (skip to 19:30 for the part where he announces it, but watch the whole thing anyway! Bc Joe Sugg, duh):

We’re so ready to find out how the story ends, but we’re not keen to say goodbye to a series that we love so much! Excuse us while we stop doing our homework so we can reread the two books that are already out!

Joe even said that there will be signed copies that will be available specifically for us Aussies in later vlogs! That will definitely be something we Sugg-est our Mum buys for us just because she loves us!

“Please, Mummy?”

So what do you think? Are you keen for the new book? Do you love the series? Let us know!