Joey Graceffa Has Hit Seven Million Subscribers!

Joey Graceffa hit the massive milestone of 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! That's like, more than we can count with our fingers!

Regardless of which, we're super proud of him, and we ~know~ he deserves every single subscriber he's got! I mean, look at him? How can you NOT love him!? From his amazing book, to his bop inducing music, we can't not say we're completely in love with Joey Graceffa!

In celebration of Joey reaching his milestone, here are a bunch of GIFs where he's the cutest smol bean in the entire world:

How proud are you of Joey!? Miranda Sings must be so proud of her boyfriend right now! Here's to seven million more subscribers! 

Are you also proud of Joey? Are you one of the seven million subscribers? Let us know!