Justin Bieber Announces That He's Single (But Not Ready To Mingle)

You heard it first here, ladies (and gentlemen!): Justin Bieber is officially single! 

The 22-year-old singer confirmed the news during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and asserted that he's not eager to change that. "I am not dating anybody," he said. "I'm not really looking either." And, when asked whether he uses dating apps (ahem, Tinder), he revealed that he's never used one, and won't be changing that in the near future. 

However, the singer did admit that after 100 shows on the road, life can get pretty lonely. "That's probably the hardest thing, just being alone all the time. I'm always alone." 

The fan frenzy didn't stop there though. Justin also revealed that he is going on a stadium tour in the US kicking off next August in California, and that he would be giving the audience free tickets!

*cue screams* 

Watch the interview here: