Justin Bieber Has A Fringeworthy New (Or Not So New) Hairstyle!

Over the years, Justin Bieber has changed his hairstyle more times than we can count!
*Not gonna lie, we think he looks amazing in all of them!*

From the now legendary hair flip of fetus Justin, to more recently, the blond and the dreadlocks, Justin has done it all! Now, Justin has premiered a new hairstyle! Or more like ... brought back an old hairstyle. Today we announce that Justin ... has brought back the original hairstyle!

Bringing us back to the days where a single hair flip could melt our hearts away, Justin is looking amazing with this legendary hair cut! We can’t wait to see if he grows it out, and tbh, we’re definitely 100% okay with him doing that! We love Justin regardless of how his hair looks, but we can’t lie, we’re feeling this hairstyle!

What do you think? Are you keen on the return of Fetus Bieber? Not so keen? Let us know!