Kanye West Goes On ~Crazy~ Trump And Beyonce Rant

Kanye West left his Sacramento fans furious after he spat the dummy on his Saint Pablo tour.

Why? Well, first of all, he got there an hour late … and ended up only playing two songs. 

Oh, but it doesn't stop there! He then started ranting; first about Jay Z and Beyoncé, then about several rap artists, followed by politics, and then about the radio. After that, he ~literally~ dropped the mic and left the show. 

Fans were angry, and demanded refunds after the disappointing show, and thankfully Ticketmaster obliged.

Snoop Dog heard the rant, and had this hilarious reaction to it:

People were even more annoyed that he dared to insult the actual queen herself, Beyoncé, prompting them to start the hashtag #KanyeIsOverParty to document the moment. I guess Beyoncé is where people really draw the line! You insult Beyoncé, you’re done.

Kanye has since cancelled all 21 of his remaining tour dates.