Katy Perry Will Be Performing At The GRAMMYs!

Katy Perry is confirmed to be performing at the 2017 GRAMMY Awards and we are ~literally~ dying!

We’re curious to see what she will perform, but we’re hoping for some new music! We haven’t had an album from Katy in a while, and we really miss hearing her music on the radio! Regardless of which, we’re heaps keen to hear her sing some of her hits (let’s be real, she has A LOT of hits!) and we know it’s gonna be lit!

The announcement was made via the GRAMMYs Twitter account, and confirmed by Katy herself in this tweet:

We are so ready to be shook, to be emotional, to be lying on the floor dead in response. We can’t wait! We might be KatyCats, but it would have been a Katy Catastrophe if she made us wait any longer!

What do you think? Are you a Katy Cat? Are you excited to see her performance? Are you also shook? Let us know!