Kingsley’s New Video Is Music To Our Ears

Today, Kingsley posted the second episode of his new series on YouTube and we LOVE it! The series features Kingsley listening to music that has just been released over the weekend, and while he says he won’t listen to some of them again, he does tend to listen to a lot of bops! We love all the new music he’s introducing us to, and we’re excited to hear more new music!

If you want to watch the new video, you can do so here:

Kingsley has us jamming, and dancing to so many new songs this week!
**goes on iTunes and downloads literally every song he mentioned because let’s be real, it was more lit than the stadium at the Super Bowl**

We love music, and we love Kingsley, so this is the perfect combination! We can’t wait for next week, when he presents us with even more jams to listen to! Not only that, but Kingsley’s sass in the video is as incredible as ever, and when he’s shook, we’re shook!

So what do you think? Do you love the songs? Hate the songs? Loved Kingsley’s sass? Let us know!