Lady Gaga Performed With Metallica And It Was EVERYTHING

Lady Gaga rocked the stage as she performed with Metallica, absolutely killing it with flawless dance moves and even more amazing vocals! Fresh off her Super Bowl performance, Gaga continued killing the game! She even jumped in the crowd! Although there were some issues within the performance too.

Laverne Cox, who introduced Gaga and Metallica’s performance, used the opportunity to get everyone to Google Gavin. Gavin is a transgender man who will be facing the Supreme Court for the right to be allowed to use the men’s bathroom, and to be treated with respect and dignity (an issue that many transgender people face). Laverne also happened to have forgotten to mention Metallica in her introduction, which many people noticed. Laverne Cox quickly took to Twitter to apologise, noting she didn’t intentionally disregard them, and also saying that she loves metal and Metallica.

Gaga and Metallica’s performance also had a technical issue when James Hetfield’s mic wasn’t working, but in true music icon fashion, James joined Gaga’s mic and began belting out his side of the song. Gaga gave it her all, hitting the notes, dancing in unusual ways, and showing us how truly dedicated to music she really is! We hope that more people saw how truly incredible she was, and how amazing she looked and sounded! Although we do wish Gaga had been able to sing one of her own songs too, performing the Metallica song “Moth Into Flame”!

So what did you think? Did you love the performance? Think it was brilliant? Hated it? Let us know!