Lady Gaga Releases Tour Dates For Her #JoanneWorldTour!

Just hours after her ~iconic~ performance at the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga announced her new tour!

Simply titled the Joanne World Tour, Gaga will be touring around Europe, USA and Brazil. 
**buys a pink cowboy hat**

Gaga also tweeted the tour poster for the tour, and it looks incredible! We’re ~shook~! We can’t wait to see what Gaga brings this tour, it’s going to be lit! 

Gaga also released a heap of tour dates on her website, we’re hoping she’ll add an Australia tour! **prays to the gods to bring us Gaga** Gaga will be promoting her new album Joanne which she released in August last year, and we can’t wait to hear all those songs live! ... you know, through other people’s recordings.

If you’d like to see the tour dates, you can do so here:

So what do you think? Do you love Gaga? Hate her? Hoping to see her live? Let us know!