Lady Gaga Surprises Homeless Shelter LGBTQ Teens

We already love Lady Gaga; from her flawless fashion choices to her incredible music, to the kind of person she’s shown to the world. Today, we added a million reasons as to why we love her! 

Lady Gaga visited LGBT people in need as part of her #ShareKindness initiative. She came bearing gifts of different kinds, and showed us the true power of kindness in the faces of the people she met. “When my parents started pushing me away because I’m gay, all I had was you and the Born This Way album on repeat” one fan told her. “Thank you for being alive,” she responded.

Gaga also opened up about suffering PTSD as a result of being raped when she was 19. She credits the kindness of her family and friends who helped heal her, and get her through the pain, hence the #ShareKindness campaign! Kindness is one of the most important acts we as humans can do. It can change someone’s entire day with one simple gesture. 

The video of Lady Gaga’s visit will bring tears to your eyes as you see the emotions on their faces. If you watch just one video today, let it be this one:

We’re feeling totally inspired by Gaga and her #ShareKindness campaign! Are you? Let us know how you plan to spread kindness in your own way (whether on Twitter, or in real life, or anywhere else!)