Liam Payne Narrowly Avoids Getting Shot

Liam was having a great night at a nightclub when unbeknownst to him, a man with a gun had tried to get into the club.

According to TMZ, he had a fake ID with him, but wasn’t let in by security. After having bad blood with them, he went into the parking lot, and fired a few shots in the air before getting away free.

How scary is that?!

The gunshots were heard inside the club, and club guests understandably started freaking out. The police found the bullets when they arrived on the scene, and Liam managed to leave the nightclub half an hour later, unscathed.

We’re so grateful that everyone in that nightclub is okay, and we can’t even begin to imagine how Liam, his family and Cheryl must be feeling right now, not to mention everyone else who was in that club at the time.

Sending our love to Liam! We’re so glad you’re safe!