Little Mix Have Released Their New Music Video!

Little Mix have released their new video for No More Sad Songs and it is absolutely incredible! The girls serve looks the entire time; they literally look beyond amazing! The song itself, which features Machine Gun Kelly as a single version, was much more brilliant with this feature. Machine Gun Kelly’s vocals are amazing as always, and we’re kind of in love! If you'd like to watch the video you can do so here:

The fans definitely agree with us, with their tweets full of nothing but praise for the incredible video! Check out what they had to say here:

It’s definitely one of their best, we honestly can't even. We are effectively ~shook~ after that music video, our emotions have had a little mixup in their stability, because we're definitely emotionally unstable after that one!

So what do you think? Are you shook? Do you like the video? Dislike it? Let us know!