Liza Koshy's Golden Globes Live Stream Goes Into The Record Books!

Remember Twitter's two-hour live stream of the Golden Globes red carpet? You know, the one hosted by Liza Koshy? Well, it turns out that it was one of the most successful red carpet live streams, ever! 

According to AdWeek, 2.7 million Twitter users viewed the pre-show broadcast, which is only slightly less than the platform's most recent Thursday Night Football live stream. That's massive considering how big a reach football has internationally! Can we attribute that success to Liza Koshy? 

This year's Golden Globe Awards were also said to have resulted in the most tweets, with over 4.7 million mentions - up from 4.4 million tweets last year! Who said Twitter was dying? 

What are your thoughts? Do we need more online stars hosting (and strutting!) the red carpet? Let us know!