Lorde Impersonator Tricks Fans In New Zealand!

Lorde fans got the surprise of their lives in a nightclub in New Zealand when the singer showed up as a surprise guest. The dark room lit up upon her arrival, to much excitement and happiness! Except...it wasn't her. It was a Lorde impersonator, who we’ll say did a pretty impressive job considering she managed to trick about 100 fans!

Lorde quickly found out what had happened in New Zealand and took to Instagram to let everyone that she was actually in London with her Mum. A massive disappointment to the fans who were there, but look how good she looked:

we in london and i got my creme egg beeetch 🎀

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Lorde however, wasn't particularly upset about the impersonation, and thought the “fake news” was “cute”!

We’re glad Lorde wasn't bothered by it and could see the humour in it all. We could even say she gave her impersonator the 'green light' to keep imitating her.

So what do you think? Would you have been fooled by the Lorde impersonator in the dark? Let us know!