Lorde Releases Her New Single, Green Light!

If you have a Twitter account, there’s no way you could have missed this news… But if you somehow managed to avoid the online hysteria, guess what? Lorde has released a brand new single, Green Light! 

Plenty have described Green Light as being unlike the usual sort of sound you’d expect to hear from Lorde – but fans certainly aren’t complaining.

If you are suffering a broken heart, or have done in the past, this song is for you.

“The song is not so much about the heartbreak but about 'How am I going to dance my way through this and be OK tomorrow morning? I might not be OK right now but I will be soon. I'm going to get that Green Light and when Ido, it's going to be the greatest'," Lorde told triple J on Friday.

Paramore front-woman, Hayley Williams, definitely approves of the new era.

Even Troye Sivan got caught up in the hype!

Have you heard the new song? What do you think of it? Let us know!