Louis Tomlinson Might Be Collaborating With A New Pop Star!

We’re honestly still jamming to Just Hold On, but it looks like Louis Tomlinson might be ready to move on to the next track! While the pop star himself hasn't said anything himself, there's definitely some room for speculation. But just like before, Louis won’t be going at it alone...rumour has it that he’ll be collaborating with Bebe Rexha!

Bebe hinted in an interview that she’ll be in collaboration with “somebody really big from a boy band”, and regardless of whether or not she’s actually collaborating with Louis, that’s pretty awesome!

Here’s a clip from the interview that you can watch:

We know, we know , you're probably thinking “But what if she means someone from The Wanted?”. Well, we also know that not only did Louis follow her on Twitter (can he also follow us on Twitter?!), but Bebe and her manager also followed Louis on Instagram!

We could be wrong, but all signs seem to point to Louis. Regardless of the outcome, we’re extremely excited, and we know it'll definitely be lit!

So what do you think? Do you reckon Louis is the boyband member? Are you excited for the collab? Let us know!