Male Scorpio Stars Who Conform to Their Star Signs

It’s often said that each star sign has certain dominating character traits and that - to a greater or lesser extent - most of us somehow fit into those characteristics predetermined by astrology. November is Scorpio’s month, so let’s take a look at some famous Scorpio men and see if they display any typical traits associated with their star sign.

1. Ryan Gosling - a secret baby, followed by a secret marriage

Ryan Gosling is one of the most famous faces on the planet, yet he manages to do a pretty good job of keeping his private life to himself. This is just one characteristic that demonstrates how Ryan conforms to his star sign.

The 35-year-old actor not only got married in secret this summer, but he and his partner, Eva Mendes, also managed to keep her second pregnancy under wraps until only a fortnight before the birth of their second daughter, Amanda Lee, in Santa Monica, this April. At the premiere of his film La La Land in September, however, Ryan was willing to open up a bit about the family he’s so proud of - he was gushing to reporters that they make him a better man.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio - passionate and intense

While we don’t hear that much about Leo’s private life either, he sports certain traits that are typical of a Scorpio man. He’s very intense about different issues. For instance, he’s an eco-warrior and has had solar panels installed in his home, low-emission paint put on his walls and he drives a plug-in car - a Fisker Karma. He also supports the protection of sea creatures - fitting for a water sign.

Leo also gets intensely involved in his character portrayals on-screen. He was once quoted as saying he used his acting to shed some light on the different aspects of the human condition. Scorpios are also renowned for their transformative nature - a handy attribute for an actor who’s portrayed characters in films as diverse as Gangs of New York, Titanic, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street

3. Matthew McConaughey - chameleon

Another big-name actor who’s also a Scorpio is Matthew McConaughey and where he’s shown his transformative nature is in his reinvention as an actor - moving away from surf dude and romantic comedy movies to much heavier weight acting in Dallas Buyers Club and the HBO series True Detective. His efforts were rewarded with a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of an electrician diagnosed with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club and a renewed sense of presence in the LA acting hierarchy.

4. Bill Gates - business brilliance

Not all famous Scorpio men are actors, of course. Some have shone in the business world instead. Although the founder of Microsoft may be more focused on his charitable work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation these days, the strength of will and determination of the Scorpio mindset must have played a role in Bill Gates’ path to create one of the most successful and powerful brands in history. Scorpios are also said to be highly competitive - another attribute that Gates will have used over the years.

Are you a Scorpio and if so, do you find that you share any of these traits with the celebs that share your star sign?