Masketta Fall's New Music Video Has Been Released And It's Perfect!

Masketta Fall have released the new music video for their new single 'I Believe' and we ~believe~ it is one of the best music videos we’ve ever seen!

The song itself is a feel good track, but the video ~amplifies~ all of the feels! Set in the 80s, the music video details the love life of two people going on a dinner and a roller skating date!

*tbh we’re totally in the mood to go on a roller skating date now, any takers?*

We’ll definitely be jamming to this song for a while, and also rewatching the music video over and over because we literally can’t even.

'I Believe' is Masketta Fall’s latest single off their new album Golden, which is out now! 

So what do you think? Do you love the music video as much as we do!? Do you now ~believe~ in love? Let us know!