Melanie Martinez Releases A New Music Video!

Melanie Martinez has blessed us with a new music video! It’s beautiful, it’s artsy, it’s articulate, it’s … 'Pacify Her'!

The music video, which sticks closely to the lyrics of the song, narrates the story of a girl (in this case, her character Cry Baby) who is in love with a taken man. Keeping to Melanie’s aesthetic, they’re all toddlers! 

In true Melanie fashion, Cry Baby (played by Melanie) does various strange things in order to seduce the man, and towards the end of the video, she does even stranger things!

Fun fact: the male lead is played by Lucas Mogerley, who is a transgender male, and we love that Melanie is bringing more representation to different types of people! 

We’re not gonna spoil it for you, so we’ll let you watch it and see for yourself! You can watch it here:

What do you think? Do you love the music video? Are you excited for more Melanie? Let us know!