Melbourne Installs Female Pedestrian Signals!

We’re all used to the green human sign that tells us we can cross the street. It’s been there our whole lives, and it’s really all we know! Now, the Committee for Melbourne has decided to change that, successfully campaigning to have the green light in a crossing to be a woman in parts of Melbourne. If you’re from Melbourne, or are familiar with Melbourne, the traffic light with the new green lady is at the traffic light crossing outside Flinders Street station.

While the new female traffic sign will only be implemented for a year, the committee wants to make it a permanent thing, arguing that keeping the light in the shape of a man’s body is promoting an “unconscious bias”. The new traffic light is part of the fight for gender equality, with the committee claiming that equality must be ensured with the little things as well.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the decision to bring a female traffic light? Or do you think they’re taking equality a bit too far? Let us know!