Miranda Sings Commentates Colleen Ballinger's Makeup Routine!

So the new trend lately has been to get your Dad, brother or boyfriend to do the voiceover for your makeup videos. We’ve seen it pop up time and time again in our subscription boxes, and it honestly works really well! We think it’s hilarious to see how certain people who know next to nothing about makeup commentate.

Colleen Ballinger has taken that a step up, giving the voiceover role to...not her boyfriend, not her dad, or her brother but to...Miranda Sings!

Throughout the video, Miranda does a commentary on Colleen’s makeup, saying things like “Your lipstick is supposed to go OVER the lip” and it’s hilarious! The little comments she adds here and there make it a genius idea of Colleen’s, and we love it! We love Miranda, and we love Colleen, so when they mix it all together we know she’s got the best of worth worlds!
**go ahead, sing. We’ll wait!**

So what do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Let us know!