My Life As Eva Reveals A Heartbreaking Secret About Herself

Eva Gutowski, aka My Life As Eva, is going to be releasing a new book! It came out on Valentine’s Day, so it’s available now! In the book, Eva talks about a lot of her memories; from hilarious, happy memories, to traumatic awful memories. One particular memory that she delved into was that she was sexually assaulted.

Eva described the aftermath of the incident, talking about the isolation and emotional pain that you feel after going through something like that, and describing how she went through it and prevailed! The point of Eva’s story is that she wants everyone to know that we can all survive something that we’re going through; whether it is sexual assault, or some other form of traumatic experience. She wants us to know that we ~can~ be happy!

Eva’s new book looks incredible, we ~need~ to buy it! As though we’re not already inspired by her, she’s giving us a million new reasons to love her even more!

You can watch the heartbreaking video where Eva opens up about everything here:

So what do you think? Will you be buying Eva’s book? Have you already bought it? Let us know!