Natalie Tran Pranks Her Boyfriend On Valentine's Day And It’s Hilarious!

We all have the struggle with trying to talk to a boy while he’s playing video games. It’s almost like talking to us while we’re watching our fave’s new video! Well, Natalie Tran, being the true queen that she is, decided to have some fun with her boyfriend’s gaming obsession! While he wore headphones, and immersed himself in a virtual reality, unbeknownst to him was Natalie, jamming to songs from different decades!

If you wanna see the video, you can do so here:

It’s hilarious to watch, and we were cracking up! Oh, and we were also jamming along, we mean, she was playing a few bops!

Props to Natalie for making the best out of Valentine’s Day! Let’s hope next year he’s a bit more...reality rather than virtual reality? Would you do the same with your significant other if you were in her situation? We like to think we would! But we’re not as cool as she is, so maybe not!

What do you think? Did you think the prank was hilarious? Cute? Funny? Let us know!